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About Us




Stands for the short form "you create peace" and highlights the abbreviation UA in the logo.

The organisation focuses on transporting people from the Ukrainian border to various destinations of choice, transporting relief supplies such as medicine, food and hygiene articles to Ukraine, and an implemented buddy system for Ukrainian refugee families. Collaboration with other organisations is extremely important as it enables us to provide smooth operations for everyone involved.

We are funded purely by donations and organise accommodation, dinners and jobs for families in the area. Our network is growing every day, as is our Whats App group with Helping Hands. Every extra hand counts.


We provide support to the families here and keep them informed about our ongoing activities. We receive great donations - underwear from Organic Basic, 100 free meals per week from a restaurant in Salzburg, donations of bicycles from companies, up to medicines. But the capacities are not enough, more is needed. 


To ensure that war does not become part of our everyday lives and is not forgotten, we would like to pay special attention to charity events. This is the only way we can involve and activate the people of Salzburg and the surrounding area.


Thanks for creating peace together.

Our Story

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