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Thanks for supporting Ukreate! We are so excited for you to join our of volunteer crew! Here are a couple ways you can support our families.

1. Host a family - Have a spare room? Many families have moved to Salzburg and the surrounding area and are in need of short-term or semi-permanent places to stay. If you are open to opening your home, please let us know!

2. Become a buddy - As families settle into Austria, we'd like to set each family up with support for the transition. Your job as a buddy is to be there for each assigned family to help them get acquainted in town. This could include support with driving to appointments, help with paperwork, language lessons and/or a friendly face to show them around town!

3. Provide transportation - sometimes our families just need a quick ride to pick something up or to get to an appointment. If you are open to supporting with pick-ups and deliveries around town, this is a good job for you!

4. Each weekend, our volunteers will deliver supplies to the border and pick up families who need help returning to Austria. Vans and pick-ups are supported by Ukreate. If you are open to making these trips, please let us know!

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