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Why we need donations 

We need donations to take care of the people we have placed in Salzburg. To provide the Ukrainian teenagers who live with us with their daily needs.

Furthermore, we provide medicines or things that are urgently needed for the Ukraine.

Of the 75 people we have housed in Salzburg since February 28, only 12 women have received their first monthly basic care. 215 euro per adult and 100 euro per child.

The federal and provincial governments need up to 10 weeks until the first payment can be collected. They are told they have to come back and ask.

1 family (woman with 2 children) needs at least 50 euro of food per week.

That's 500 euro in 10 weeks. we have now given all the families we serve with Ukreate at least 50 euro per week to support them, to give them the opportunity to take care of themselves and their children at least halfway independently and freely.

If it weren't for your donations, this wouldn't be possible and the families wouldn't have the means to buy their own food - and to offer their children at least a little normality. Thank you for your help!


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