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Art Auction x Under The Open Sky

The UKREATE peace Art Auction, is an exhibition with Ukrainian and European artists.

The event will take place on the 2nd of July 2022 at the Elektrohalle Rhomberg.

This auction serves a pure charity cause. We are working with 2 Ukrainian artists, Masha Reva and Ivan Grabko with their art project UNDER THE OPEN SKY, where Masha and Ivan created 140 pieces of Art in 40 days, during their exile in Ushgorood. And with Art of 10 European artists. Elisa Alberti (burggasse98), Dejan Dukic, Nathan Egel, Frank Maria Furtschegger (burggasse98), Julia Wagner-Keser, Sophie Köchert, Johanna Lakner, Gaston Lisak, Simone Oberlechner (burggasse98), Chiara Terraneo and Helmuts Art Club. Those Artists will help us raising money for their charity and our NGO UKREATE Peace.


"UNDER THE OPEN SKY” is a fundraising programme organized in order to support Ukraine and Ukrainian people in their fearless painful struggle against russian military aggression in 2022, and to raise funds for the humanitarian organizations and civilian initiatives currently active in the territories affected by war. The 1st event started on on April, 12 with a charity dinner and an exhibition of works by two ukrainian artists — Masha Reva and Ivan Grabko, who were living and working in exile in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, displaced from their hometown Kyiv, in a temporary shelter-studio collectively arranged by artists and architects.


It is also an ultimate state of vulnerability, in which the unprotected ukrainian bodies are being exposed to the bombings and missile attacks coming at them from above. Since the first days of war, desperate appeals to NATO to close the sky over Ukraine have been left unanswered. Meanwhile, dozens of peaceful cities and villages have been destroyed, burnt to the ground, millions of people escaped their homes, thousands of them left behind, brutally murdered. Most of the dead bodies are still there, unburied, on the streets of their home-towns, under the open sky in their native land, like the seeds that would never grow.

Now, we all remain under the same sky, and we all share the same danger and same responsibility for these terrible events. After seeing the destruction of civilian shelters and hospitals during the siege in Mariupol, mass murders in Bucha and Irpin, after confirmed killings of more than 150 children, a world-given promise ‘never again’ seems to be broken. We have to end the war. We have to stop the unlawful and murderous russian state, by any means possible. Same as ukrainian people, who bravely stood and fought until this day, the world needs to stand against what seems to be one of the greatest evils of the 21st century.

After this war is over, we all hope to come back to our land. We see this day clearly, when we return and join each other in hard work; the cities will be built again, and the fallen seeds will grow. And our beautiful country, our land will rise, once for all — free and peaceful, under the open sky.


Masha Reva / 2022

Ivan Grabko / 2022


The exhibition will present paintings, drawings and photographs by Masha and Ivan created in their temporary studio in Uzhgorod during March — April, 2022, and a documentary film showing a process of their work in exile. All artworks shown at the exhibition will be available for sale, 60% of the sum raised will be donated to several humanitarian initiatives currently active in Ukraine.

Since the sufferings of civilian people has been still going on all over Ukraine, we might be updating the list of the organizations we are going to support. The current list of organizations and initiatives we are planning to support is the following:


  1. Kyiv Angels (Kyiv and Kyiv Region)

  2. By Some People (Kharkiv)

  3. TU_Mariupol (Mariupol)

  4. Tse Moe Misto (Chernihiv)

  5. IT-troops (all Ukraine)

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